Mar 12, 2013

Welcome Comet Pan-STARRS

Although the weather wasn't very good, I managed to photograph Pan-STARRS between the clouds. I took this photo in the city of Porto, Portugal, facing the Atlantic Ocean which is perfect because there is nothing to obstruct the view. In addition, a ship was passing and the comet seems to be falling into it. Who wants to play Battleship?

Taken with Canon 1000D, 250mm lens at f/5.6, 2.5sec, ISO 400.


A Pensão Estrelinha said...

que fixe, já agora a que horas foi isto se é que me podem dizer. obrigado

André Gonçalves said...


Foi por volta das 19h15-30. Procure olhar para o horizonte Oeste 30-45min depois do por-do-sol à medida que o céu vai escurecendo.

André Gonçalves

Anonymous said...