Jan 29, 2010

U Scorpii Erupts As Predicted

One year ago, Bradley Schaefer predicted that the recurrent nova U Scorpii was about to explode again. In the morning of January 28th, amateur variable-star observers Barbara Harris and Shawn Dvorak announced that U Sco brightened from magnitude 18.0 to 8.0!!! It can now be seen with an ordinary pair of binoculars.


Jan 24, 2010




Moon with Jupiter at top left

Moon in the sky

These moonshots were taken in 19th December of 2009, but I only managed to post them today. Hope you like it.

Jan 22, 2010

365 Days of Astronomy Podcast - 4th October

This project will continue in 2010 and I will contribute with another podcast this year. The title is "Life in the Universe: Odds and Expectations"; I'll try to talk about everything about life in the Universe (including Earth) and perhaps open a discussion of ideas after it, here in the blog. This is a subject where imagination and extrapolation play a big role, but we should not forget the scientific facts...

Abstract: This podcast is about the odds of life emerge in our Universe. We will see how extraordinary and improbable is our existence. We will seek for the conditions a planet must have to support life and what are the odds of life arise in such a planet. How would be the contact with other civilizations? Is it possible or it's just fiction? How the extraterrestrials may look like? How we will communicate? In this podcast I will try to answer to this questions and to reach several topics. This questions make all of us wonder, and my intention is to make you wonder beyond the horizon, beyond Earth.