Apr 30, 2008

Versão Inglesa/English Version

Abri uma sondagem para saber o que quem consulta o meu blog pensa de este estar também em versão inglesa, pois permitirá que seja mais difundido e lido por todo o planeta, permitindo que mais pessoas possas disfrutar dele na sua totalidade sem incoveniêntes induzidos pela língua. Gostaria de saber a vossa opinião, por isso votem (ver à direita).

I've started a poll because I would like to know if you think this blog should also be written in english, for everybody around the world understand better the information given and fully enjoy this blog. Please vote (see at right).


Andrew Cooper said...

Writing in English would allow a larger audience. But is that the only goal? Making amateur astronomy available to a wide world of people who speak other languages is also a very valuable thing. I'd say there is plenty of material in English, keep your blog as it is!

André Gonçalves said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for giving your opinion ;)